Sarms Vs AAS


One of the most common and quite obvious questions that people ” evaluating” SARMs vs AAS is going to ask is how do they stack up against each other.

Above we compare the outcomes of RAD140 – widely regarded as one of the “strongest” SARM’s there is against Testosterone Propionate. 

We have drawn a line at the outcome from Test Propionate at 1mg/kg.

So for me, that would be 100mg a day – 700mg a week.. against the dosage required to match that from RAD-140 

You would require 3 mg of RAD140 for every mg of Test P. ie 100mg a day Test P = 300mg a day of RAD140. The typical dosage of RAD 140 used ? 20mg – 30 mg a day.

Do what you will with that.

This is how all Steroids are evaluated ie how do they compare to Testerone for Androgenic and Anabolic outcomes mg for mg.
So IMO it should be the bench we use when we look at SARMs vs AAS.

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